Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DNCC Update from Denver

The front of the local newspaper today showed a full-page photograph of a Blackhawk helicopter next to the Denver City and County Building. The accompanying story told us what we already knew: The low-altitude skies over downtown Denver are buzzing with military choppers full of Special Forces ops in armored battle gear and carrying assault rifles and other advanced weapons. The commandos call themselves, “The Tip of the Spear.”

Naturally, we all figured that this was preparation for the upcoming DNCC Convention in August. It did, however, occur to me that the level of lethal armament shown by Tip of the Spear seemed out of proportion for any simple confrontation with belligerent picket sign carriers. I wondered if, maybe, the creationists in Kansas had somehow armed themselves to the teeth, and were preparing to sweep across the Colorado border in August and vanquish the evolutionists gathered at the convention. That would explain everything. But, then, a Tip of the Spear spokesman said that the “training exercise” had “absolutely” nothing to do with the upcoming convention. The word, “absolutely” was included for emphasis.

According to the Tip of the Spear spokesman, the choppers and commandos are just doing routine practice to fight the global war on terrorism. (The practice has been going on for three days and will continue throughout the week, during both daylight and nighttime hours). According to the Tip of the Spear spokesman, Denver was chosen only because it presents a typical urban environment. The armed assault practice is just to “familiarize army personnel with the precise layout of downtown Denver and the ethnic makeup of the surrounding neighborhoods.” But, again, the spokesman said that all of this is unrelated to the upcoming DNCC Convention. He should have also restated the government position that Oswald acted alone.

Governments lie. They do it all over the world, and they do it all the time. With all that practice, wouldn’t you think they would get better at doing it? I suspect that what we are seeing in Denver this week is not just the Tip of the Spear, it’s also the tip of the iceberg.

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