Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Latest DNCC Update-- Protestors Beware

The “Tip-Of-The-Spear” commandos finally flew out of town in their black helicopters, still insisting that their reason for visiting Denver was to prepare for a possible conflict in the global war on terror (see my blog on June 18). By now, their CPS systems are sufficiently programmed with the anticipated flash points where global terrorists might be likely to spread mischief during the Democratic convention in August. Take heart, however, for the merriment is far from over. The circus is, indeed, coming to town.

Today, the city constables working together with the Secret Service announced that the convention demonstrators will be “partitioned with double prison fences, eight feet high, and spaced eight feet apart so that people on one side cannot pass anything across the barrier” (their actual words). No mention was made of the razor Cortina wire on top of the fences, but I guess this is implied by the term, “prison fence.”

Additionally, there’s a ban on any paraphernalia that can be used to attach protestors to one another. This includes padlocks, bicycle locking chains, carabiners, ropes, pipes, cables, handcuffs, and pretty much any filament longer or stronger than a shoelace. So much for opposition unity. As if this weren’t enough, CCTV (closed circuit) surveillance cameras are reportedly being programmed with new face-recognition software that was developed by an American technology firm under a contract from China for use with their Olympic security systems. It makes you wonder why this much planning and thought wasn’t brought to bear prior to the invasion of Iraq.

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