Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Invisible Day of Judgement

Last Saturday's predicted day of judgement and Rapture was a bust, so Harold Camping tried to save the day by proclaiming that the judgement had taken place, but was "invisible." Hey, why not? Let's see. You've got an invisible super being who lives in an invisible heaven, and who watches and guides human lives invisibly. According to legend, a junior version of Mister Super died on earth, and then invisibly rose from the dead a couple days later. Nobody actually witnessed this resurrection (it was invisible), even though the whole point of it was to achieve maximum, long-lasting notoriety. This was done, so it's claimed, to atone for an invisible original sin, but nobody ever saw that original sin being committed in the first place although all of us are said to be guilty of it. Not sure how this works. So it makes perfect sense that the final judgement would be cloaked in a mantle of invisibility. Religion is all about seeing how many invisible things you can get somebody to believe.

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