Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bird Flu and Racism

Threatened with rampant bird flu, Seoul, South Korea just became the latest Asian city to eradicate 100% of its chicken population. Meanwhile, on this side of the Pacific, Los Angeles is expanding its chicken population. Under a Tsunami wave of Mexican immigration that has made The City of Angeles look like a third-world metropolis, the city fathers were recently forced to change the law regarding house pets. Chickens are now considered house pets with no limit on their numbers, although roosters do have a cap. Evidently, a house full of chickens now has the cultural status once held by the Chihuahua.

You don’t need to be a virologist to visualize the possibility of a virulent H5N1 outbreak in the land of movie stars and sunshine. So here’s the question- If the time comes that it’s necessary to exterminate all the Hispanic cluckers- will this be labeled as an act of racism?

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