Friday, May 23, 2008

Gay Marriage Triggers Loud Twang from John McCain

Last week, on May 17th, the California State Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on gay marriage, and the floodgates opened for same-sex unions. Ellen DeGeneres immediately announced her wedding plans, and actually asked John McCain to walk her down the aisle and give her away (I'm not making this up). That loud twang you heard was McCain's Republican underpants twisting into a rigid knot to guard his tight little sphincter. "Gay marriage" McCain believes, along with the religious Right, "Is an assault on the traditional family." Well, let's just see about that.

In today's America, 43% of all first marriages end in divorce. The failure rate for second marriages is 65%, and for those who believe that three strikes and you're out, they're right 75% of the time. Three quarters of all third marriages fail. When the numbers are aggregated, the divorce rate in America is 52%. It's the highest divorce rate for any nation or culture in the world by quite a wide margin. And the road to divorce can be cruel indeed, for public health statistics tell us that 17% of all wives suffer some level of spousal abuse.

It's no better for the children. Anybody who has taught in public school for more than 25 years will tell you, without exception, that students have diminished in their behavior, their work ethic, their respect for authority, and their overall learning ability. And this diminution has built upon itself incrementally, year by year, until American youth is now the most poorly educated in the industrialized world. The reason behind this decline is that fathers and mothers have abdicated their parental responsibility and left it up to the school system to tend to the upbringing of their children. Mothers no longer consider it a pleasure to dish up a hot meal for the kids, with the result that an astounding number of students get all three meals on weekdays from their school. And if parents are blessed with a high-energy child, they would prefer to medicate the kid with Ritalin rather than use good parenting skills to focus and develop the child's energy.

If one heterosexual marriage is good, evidently more is better, so we also have the American phenomenon of "plural marriage." Thanks to the recent shenanigans of the Mormon-offshoot polygamist sect in Texas, we have an insight into this freakish world. While exercising their religious faith, they begin turning their daughters into sex slaves at age 13 or 14, and for the next few years the young girls are bred like canine bitches in a puppy mill. They eventually grow up into clone-like women who appear on television as brain-dead Stepford wives. It ain't pretty, but it's, sure enough, heterosexual. And, of course, it's all rationalized with theological crapola.

The anti-gay Right wingers get a lot of their notions about marriage from the teachings of Jesus. Unfortunately, the guy left us with no personal example to guide us. He talked the good talk about "A man and wife cleaving to one another," but he was in no hurry to do much "cleaving" himself. His personal example was that of a man living an adult life in the company of other men.
So here's my question. When it comes to the debasement of traditional marriage, and the ruination of the American family, what can gay marriage possibly do that hasn't already been done?

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