Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Evidence on Global Warming

I had always wondered why Evangelical Christian fundamentalists were so resistant to the concept of global warming. Since most of them vote Republican, and since the Republicans side with business on most issues, and since business interests have been slow to accept the evidence on global warming— I just naturally assumed that this chain of political logic was the reason for the Evangelical position on climate change. Today, however, I was exposed to a different chain of logic on the subject.

Televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, was the man who opened my eyes. According to Brother Copeland, there’s a passage in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah where God promises to keep the ocean in a “perpetual” state. To bible readers, “perpetual” means that the sea level will remain constant. So here’s how Copeland’s chain of logic refutes the idea of global warming. If the climate gets warmer, the polar ice will melt. If the polar ice melts, the sea level will rise. If the sea level rises, the ocean will not be “perpetual” in the biblical sense, and it would not be consistent with Jeremiah. You can’t make this stuff up. The fact that the polar ice is melting right in front of our eyes isn’t relevant, any more than the fossil record is relevant to the discussion of creation versus evolution.

I do have one unanswered question. What happened to the “perpetual” ocean in the time of Noah?

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