Thursday, October 2, 2008

Way To Go, CBS

I was just another immature teenage boy in the 1950s, and most of us at that time held to the philosophy that, “If a gal was good looking, and she wasn’t snobbish, then it was okay if she was stupid.” As a matter of fact, a certain measure of stupidity was actually an advantage. Such was our 1950s worldview filtered by the screen of immaturity. By the 1960s, we had totally dropped such notions to avoid being labeled “chauvinistic pig” and “sexist.” So imagine our surprise to find—50 years later—that we were right all along, as evidenced by that dim-witted little cupcake named Sarah Palin. John McCain, it turns out, shares our 1950s worldview.

Trading on nothing more than her glamour, fertility, and smart-aleck attitude, she has gathered about her a flock of female followers who want desperately to be associated with Sarah’s posse. I suspect that many of these followers wish they could have a big posse of their own, just like Ms. Palin. But happily, there’s one woman who hasn’t been fooled by this hot-looking and empty-headed Nanuk of the North, and that’s Katy Couric. I wasn’t a big fan of Katy Couric before the Palin interviews, but I’m a fan of hers now. Sarah Palin might be a big game hunter, but little Miss Katy is the one who knows how to trap a deer in the headlights. Way to go, CBS.

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