Saturday, February 19, 2011

Campaign 2012— Sock It To Me

Speaking only as an inadequately-informed average citizen/voter, I feel personally that American politics is maddening at best and positively excruciating at its worst. What’s needed is for politics to become entertaining, and for a sick and cynical person like me, the best entertainment is humor. And for politics to be humorous, the best recipe would be a strong dose of self-satirical buffoonery from one or more candidates. We haven’t seen anything like this since Dan Quayle left office nearly 20 years ago.

Happily, we might be in store for just what we need. It looks like both Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin could throw their hats (or bras) into the political race and try for the presidency. I can hardly contain my glee at this prospect. Back in the late 1960s there was a weekly television program called “Laugh In” which had, among the cast, Goldie Hawn (known for being ditzy) and Ruth Buzzi (known for being truculent). Now just imagine a pair of hot-ass egotistical shrews with each of them having the ditziness of Goldie Hawn and the truculence of Ruth Buzzi, and this would give you a picture of Bachman and Palin both on the campaign trail. Now all we need to do is resurrect Rowan and Martin to run the House and the Senate.

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