Saturday, February 26, 2011

U.N. Sanctions Strike Fear into Khadafy. Not!!!

The U.N. is threatening sanctions against the Khadafy regime in Libya, as if this would change anything there. It’s like an 1893 court of law in New Bedford threatening to take away the household telephone privileges of Lizzie Borden AFTER she murdered her parents. I have a solution— not for Khadafy— but for the United Nations. If the City of New York is strapped for operating cash (which it is), the city should declare eminent domain on the U.N. and kick all the diplomats out of the country, then tear down the U.N. building and sell off the land for condo and business development. This would satisfy, not just New York taxpayers, but also the citizens of the world who have waited 62 years for the U.N. to do something that even remotely approaches the lofty goals and expectations that were set back in 1949.

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